Town Of Hanson Massachusetts

Hanson was first settled in 1632 as the western parish of Pembroke. The town was officially incorporated in 1820, and was named for Maryland newspaper publisher and U.S. Senator Alexander Contee Hanson. The town's early industry revolved around farming, as well as bog iron and quarrying. Mills also popped up along the rivers during the nineteenth century. Today the town is mostly residential, with some farming and cranberry farming. Ocean Spray was first started by several bogs in Hanson.

Indian Head School
Welcome to Our Wiki for our Third Grade Class!!!

We are very excited to use this wiki as an opportunity to learn and meet other students in other states within our country and in other countries as well!!!
Our school is Indian Head School in Hanson Massachusetts and here are a few facts about us

  • We are in Third Grade and have 24 students
  • We are a grade 3-5 school
  • We have 6 third grade classes, 7 fourth grade classes, and
    7 fifth grade classes
  • Our school has 465 students
  • Average class size is 24 students
  • School hours are 9:00-3:05
  • This is our first time having a wiki and doing a project like this one!!